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IB Chemistry Lectures

USD 40

Per Lecture (1.5 hours) 


USD 120

Four Lectures (25 % Off) - Launch Discount - First 20 students only
70 % lower in fees than traditional 1-1 tutoring.
  1. Notes & Summaries on all topics
  2. Worksheets on all topics      
  3. Access to weekly lectures of Mr.Prakash
  4. Free access to every ask-me-anything session by Mr.Prakash
  5. Personal mentorship for students who are struggling with the IB chemistry curriculum.


A) How do I sign up for live lectures on zoom ?

Click on sign-up to register your details and our team will email you the payment details.

Each student will also receive the following via email:

1) Concise notes and worksheets on the relevant topic as an encrypted PDF.

2) Zoom-link to attend the free lecture few hours before the lecture. (View lecture schedule for more details)

B) How big are the zoom-lectures?

Maximum class size will be 20 students per lecture.

C) How does the ask-me-anything session work?

At the end of the lecture an additional 30mins will be allocated for students to clarify their doubts.

D) What is covered in lectures?

Syllabus content & answering techniques in worksheets.

E) Will there be a recorded version of the lecture for my own personal recap?

Most definitely. All enrolled students will get access to the videos via encrypted links.

F) Will there be refund if I do not wish to continue ?

Most definitely. Once we get your request for refund it will be processed immediately.

IB Chemistry Lectures
[Coming Soon - January 2024]

USD 80

Monthly Subscription
  1. Notes & Summaries on all topics
  2. Worksheets on all topics      
  3. Access to videos of pre-recorded classes of Mr.Prakash for content and worksheets.


Coming soon - September 2023